Vintage Future Collection

Finally we bring Vintage Future to the website.

This inspiring collection is a collaboration between Jason and the Hattbox team along side Ed Fool Photography .

The concept of Vintage Future is about paying homage to style elements of the past and imagining them in their future state.

Take a look at not just the hair but also the outfits our models are wearing; you will see Vintage Future represented in those too. Notice some outfits have a vintage quality, and some have a very sci-fi feel to them, exuding futuristic fashion.

Together these images portray timeless hair and could almost fit in to any era. This after all was the challenge we set ourselves . . . we hope you feel we’ve achieved our goal.

We’ve been lucky enough to have these images featured around the world too, a couple of places to catch them and see other inspirational works are;
Professional Hairdresser Magazine
The Open Hair.com

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Posted: January 5, 2016


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